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Have you been meaning to upgrade your site for a while but not sure where to start?
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even if you're unhappy with a site, redesign may seem scary
It's my job to guide you through that process. From content creation to design and development, this is a one-stop shop for all of your needs.
We start with 36 questions every website should answer
The best way to get started is to sit down together and answer these carefully crafted questions to better understand you and your customers .
Recent work I’m extremely proud of
Podwork.io is a membership site I built using Webflow, Airtable, Memberstack, and Zapier.
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What can I do for you?
Follow these steps or mix and match for your needs.
Content Strategy
Before we get into the site itself, lets understand you and how you would like communicate.
One Hour 1:1 Content Workshops with members of your team.
Written report and sitemap from workshop with first drafts of headlines and other high level copywriting.
Begin an online copywriting outline that will serve as the collaboration stage for text to be approved and then move to the site.
Free 30 minute Consultation
Website Design
After strategy, we implement use the answers from the workshop to inform the design.
Basic grayscale site outline based on the content workshop.
Competitive and Industry-Specific Research
Medium detail site outline is developed with a design direction in mind.
High level website plan is finalized with all approved photography, copy, and any other relevant links, information, and animation notes included.
Free 30 minute Consultation
Webflow Development
Let's build your site in Webflow!
Webflow account is created for client’s project
First development work session is complete prioritizing initial development
Second development work session is complete prioritizing animation and page speed.
Tutorial videos are created and shared to enable the client to make daily updates to their site, on their own.
Free 30 minute Consultation
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